Castel Doubles Portfolio and Production of CO2 Components

2022-11-07 21:58:37 By : Mr. Robbie Dou

Italian component manufacturer Castel has doubled its CO2 (R744) product portfolio and its production over the last four and five years, respectively, according to Application Manager Alessandro Farina in an interview at last week’s Chillventa trade show in Nuremberg, Germany.

“We have increased our CO2 portfolio in the last four years by certainly double, introducing the filter dryer, the stainless-steel ball valve, the safety valve,” he explained. “Four years ago, our CO2 market was doubling month by month and now our market is 50% CO2.” Rotary Air Compressor

Castel Doubles Portfolio and Production of CO2 Components

In terms of production, Farina said that, in September, Castel produced twice as many of all components as it did five years ago.

“Four years ago, our CO2 market was doubling month-by-month and now our market is 50% CO2.”

To meet this growing demand, the company is building a new manufacturing plant in Italy to enable it to increase its production capacity and storage facilities. According to Farina, construction will finish in December 2022, and manufacturing will commence early next year.

The new factory will house two new production lines and provide more storage for stock, freeing up space in the existing factory to introduce four new lines, he added.

Castel says it is seeing a current market trend for a need to increase the pressure rating of CO2 refrigerant systems to “guarantee efficient operation.”

To support this trend, system components must be able to withstand pressures of up to 90 bar (1,305psi), the manufacturer added.

Castel’s new replaceable core filter dryers have been designed to meet this requirement, with an aluminum counter-flange cover, high quality pipes and steel connections.

“Castel has carried out an in-depth study on the choice of materials and then sizing of components,” said the manufacturer. “These studies are necessary to place on the market more and more safe and reliable components.”

According to Castel, the use of an effective filter dryer is “absolutely necessary” to avoid the build-up of ice in thermostatic expansion valves and capillaries.

“Among contaminating agents that can cause serious damage to compressor refrigerating systems, moisture plays a major one,” explained Castel. “When installed on the liquid line, filter dryers allow the refrigerant liquid in systems to be dehumidified.”

The UL- and UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed)-certified filter dryers are part of the manufacturer’s Go Green portfolio, which is made up of products that are specifically for CO2.

Other products that have been developed or improved by Castel over the last few years include its 100% stainless-steel vibration absorbers, which are suitable for CO2 and hydrocarbon refrigeration systems, and its line of stainless-steel CO2 ball valves that can operate up to 150bar (2,176psi) and 150°C (302°F).

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Castel Doubles Portfolio and Production of CO2 Components

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